„Addiction is when you have something, and then you want to have it again, badly.“

Adrian Wachter, 7 years old.


The movie THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS was awarded the title "particularly valuable" and was particularly recommended by the Youth Media Commission for young people from the 8th grade.


The Federal Ministry of Education recommends visiting the movie as part of school lessons in selected Austrian cinemas.


We offer all educators and your pupils to watch the movie, including a conversation with the director and / or a drug expert, anywhere in Austria according to your choice of dates or, from September, with fixed dates.


Specially developed teaching material is available for download.


#Age recommendation: from 14 years, with special recommendation of the Youth Media Commission


#Subjects: German, history and social studies, political education, psychology and philosophy, media education, religion and ethics


#Subjects: Alcohol and drugs, addiction, behavioral addiction, depression, childhood, belief, teenage pregnancy, single parenting, fantasy, family, parenting, responsibility, society, marginalized groups, isolation, emptiness, fear, social and personal responsibility.




Excerpt from the reason for the rating "particularly valuable": THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS left the Commission deeply impressed. Starting with a protagonist who, despite his young age, carries the film with his acting ability and who is in excellent harmony with the congenial acting mother character. (...) There was also talk of a successful balance between tragedy and comedy, as well as “that the whole film is carried by love”.



THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS by Adrian Goiginger

A | 2017 | 103 min. | dt. OF

CINEMA START: September 8, 2017


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